Thursday, February 11, 2010

Humar the Pridelord


I must be the luckiest hunter in all of WoW history!
I just decided to try and tame Humar and--- Hold it....

Okay, first introduction:
I have several WoW charecters, they are:
Tizi lvl 80 troll DK--Venture Co.
Stripesnout lvl 59 tauren druid--Venture Co. (formerly of Hydraxis)
Pawtrack lvl 30 BE hunter--Venture Co.
Alsari lvl 21 BE rogue--Venture Co.
Luuka lvl 22 orc shaman--Venture Co.
...and some other random low levels (listed are just my highest/main charecters)

So, now all that's cleared up, I can continue (well acctualy, I have another intro; then I can continue)

Okay, first of all -- I dunno if this is normal hunter luck; but I got the strider cluchmother first time I was ever in moonglade; plus I wasn't even looking for it! (well, I kinda was... *hangs head*)

So now I think, what the heck, I'll try and tame Humar... why not? So I go on thottbot... and I think once I see where he spawns, hmmm I didn't know he spawns there -- LOL, you can see I'm not too much of a hardcore pet collecter O.o
So then I fly my hunter to Ratchet, and first thing I think is how much time I am wasting. I run up to where he spawns, put on track beasts and all I see are some raptors, hyenas, and lions. Then I see some mob (IDK name... some rare elite zevra) and then see a 71 mage killing it (and everything else). And think Oh god... I am wasting my time, arn't I?. I wisper her and ask her if she's seen Humar and not to kill him, not that she replies.
So anyway, I run on a little more, and (having forsaken track beasts), SPOT A BLACK LION, THERE HE IS, HUMAR THE PRIDELORD!!!!! Right there, just sitting there -- Humar the Pridelord, my heart beats, adrenaline pumps through my veins, but can I get him? I run up to him and start taming him, forgetting about all the other lions around him. So, to make a long story short: I got killed by all the other lions /cry. But hope is not lost! I run back to my corpse as fast as I can and rez. I eat up, put on aspect of the monkey, and start taming again (from a different angle, so I don't aggro the other lions). But as I tame him, I realize; OMG I DON'T HAVE ANY MEAT TO FEED HIM!!!!!!! Well, it turns out I had some fancy-shmancy buff food that was meat, and he ate it -- wasting fancy food, I know! But it was worth it!

Anyway, that's it! Just happy to have this wonderfull black beauty at my side!

I'm still trembling a little!
Man, if I find Loque, it'll be my end! I'll have a heart attack! I'll faint! I'll-- well you get the picture...

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