Monday, February 22, 2010


Lil' update....
Me and my mom have been leveling two Night Elf Hunters together for the last few days, and we planned to get them ghost kitties once they got to 19.

Okay, so...
I ran my hunter to the Ruins of Mathystra and on the second Cat Figurine, scored my ghost kitty (and I guess I was really lucky, because it was a level 19 to boot!).

Then I ran my mom's hunter up there and didn't have quite as much luck as the first time... On the eighth figurine however, the cat spawned! This was a much more -- erm, "exciting" -- tame. Picture this: I run up, click on the statue, and BOOM! the cat spawns, I abandon my bear and start to tame; everything's going fine... then I aggro the naga to my left... O.O I run back, Shadowmeld (thank goodness!) and try and eat up, but I see the ghost cat go into stealth, and as soon as I'm out of Shadowmeld, I'm in combat. Then the cat ambushes me, and I start to run away, but give up and try to tame. Well, I guess luck was on my side that day, as I survived with 39 health, and a little Ghost Saber!

Oh, and also, I got 2 greens and a non-BOP blue as drop! :D

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