Monday, April 5, 2010

wtb your opinion and any suggestions on pets

What pet should I tame on my hunter? I'm at a loss; every pet I tame just doesn't quite feel right!
I've tamed a diseased wolf, a blue tallstrider, a black lion, a white wolf, a grey/orange lynx, a white lion, a white crocolisk, a red hyena, a blue moth.... the list goes on and on! But none seem to feel right, none seem to fit my character... :( wtb help on finding the right pet!

Uggghhhhh I hate it! I can't find a pet that's right. I dunno, maybe I should just tame a bear, name him smokey or teddy or some other un-imaginative name and just grind till I'm 80... but... I don't wanna - I think that's huntardy. I wanna get a pet that I'll like and wanna level with, not some DPS machine wolf or a generic bear or pig - that seems like it's a thing a huntard would do, I wanna get a pet I'll like and stick with, someone to help me, to stay by my side in thick and thin, the thrill of the hunt(er) for me is finding the right pet ..... The probelem is, however, the finding of that pet.

See, the thing about it is it's so unpredictable... you could go search for a ghostsaber, but on the way pick up a foreststrider and stick with the foreststrider instead.

I really need some help - what pet should I get???? On my dranie I knew I wanted a white stag, but since it wasn't tame able went for a boar - so maybe I need to figure out who I want first, then see what I end up with.

I wuv my moth, but he sucks at holding aggro...
I wuv my kitty but he gets old...
I wuv my wolf but he's so plain...

Help me plzzzzzzzz!

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