Friday, April 9, 2010

I think I've found it!

Alas, I am as stumped by this one as I was when I tamed my boar. I just tamed a mistvale gorilla on my hunter (was just gonna see if I liked him) and I totally fell in love with him! I always thought I hated gorillas, and so never even thought about taming one, but, man, I like this guy already! And, as a bonus, he holds aggro great!

So, here's a story from Pawtrack (my hunter)'s perspective.

It was a warm, breezy night in Stranglethorn. It was a usual night, growls, yips, yowls and squawks would drift by on occasion. But while it may have been a usual night for some, I searched, as always, like a lost soul, trying to find what I couldn't quite find. I knew I needed a pet, but every one I tamed just didn't quite fit. I love my cat for his looks, but alas, he can sometimes get old. My plainstrider was okay, but I usually just got him out of the stables to show off, and, plus, I never really had a thing for plainstriders. It was the same with all my other pets, they were good and all, but, still didn't seem right. I was awakened from my daydreaming as my hawkstrider squawked and a gorilla charged at me - the same one that would always come up and ambush me when I ran by. I fell off, making a small dust cloud as I hit the ground - my hawkstrider running off again. Stupid useless bird! I thought to myself Gets startled by the smallest thing and then - bam! He's gone, and I have to go find him.... I was about to run off to try and find my stupid hawkstrider when a thought struck me, why not try and tame the gorilla? I had heard many stories about hunters finding the right pet where they never expected it. Sure, they were old fairy tales, myths, legends, children's stories... but why not try? I asked myself. Maybe, just maybe, I'd find what I was looking for... Maybe. I walked up to the gorilla, thinking how stupid this was - I never even liked gorillas! Or did I? I approached him cautiously, looking into his eyes and summoning up all my courage. I slowly extended a hand, reaching out with my mind, trying to make a connection with the big, clumsy gorilla before me. It was all a jumble then, most tames are, a wild mix of your emotions and the animals as you try to make a connection. And then, when I opened my eyes, I remembered seeing an intelligence in his eyes. Unlike the silly, mischievous look of my cat, the thoughtful one of my plainstrider, the smart but rather goofy one of my wolf. No, his gaze wasn't an 'I'll mindlessly follow you wherever you go' sort of gaze, nor a 'I'll kill stuff with you if you feed me' or a 'love me and I'll love you', but a smart, excepting gaze. He wasn't my pet, and me his master - no, we were partners, he was my friend, not my mindless slave. And, for all I thought I hated gorillas - their silly, drooly grin, their big pot belly, their clumsy-looking build - I know I love them. And I know those old tales are true, or at least partly. For all the things that might make another hunter gag at the sight of such a silly, clumsy-looking, pot-bellied, ugly-faced and utterly laughable pet, I only love him ten times more. Even if his breath smells like mushrooms, and his belly bigger than an ogre's (and just as hard to fill), I still love him.

Well, we'll see if I stick with him, but I really think I might this time. :)
Ah, and his name is Grub

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