Sunday, May 9, 2010

Haha! This post isn't just me dumping screenshots! >:) take that!

This is a story I wrote about the time I tamed Humar on my Hunter.
Please note this was before I tamed my gorilla.... so the time frame may seem kinda weird

It was a typical day in the barrens. Hot, dry, the blistering sun bearing down… ugh. Why was I here again? Ah, yes… to look for a pet. I had tamed many… but bid farewell to most, none just seemed to click.

As I made my way up from the small goblin town of ratchet I daydreamed about finding the one beast they call Humar - Humar the Pride lord. But, I would never find him… The black beast of the Barrens, fur as dark as night, eyes a glowing green… Ah, yes, what a feat it would be to tame a beast of such renown…

My thought wandered as I strolled up the dusty path, my white lion Pawprint walking calmly beside me.

As I neared the place were they say Humar dwells, I noticed a mage killing everything in sight - Zevhras, Lions, Raptors, Hyenas… everything. Well, the disturbance must’ve angered that black lion enough for him to come out of his lair, for when I walked up to the tree where his lair is supposed to be, what do I see but a large, black lion glaring at me!

He was beautiful, his long black mane blowing gracefully in the wind, emerald eyes fixed on me, charcoal tail whipping back and forth, long black claws gleaming in the sunlight.

I bid farewell to my wonderful white lion, knowing he would be happier out in the wild with his mate and cubs. After watching my beloved pet run off to his den, I turned to the large black lion sitting behind me. Humar watched me, testing my strength, gauging my power and guessing my weaknesses. I set down a trap, the jaws covered in ice, a magic blue aura surrounding it, and looked into his eyes. This tame would not be easy, I was sure. I pulled out a large fish from my bag and hid it behind my back, picking up a stone and throwing it at him. Humar roared and charged, tripping over the ice trap and becoming frozen in magic ice. I pulled out the fish then, and threw it to the left when the ice finally broke. Distracted by the fish, he went after it instead of me. I then took the chance I had been waiting for, and tackled him, pinning him down. He growled and thrashed, trying to get free, but I held him down, managing to avoid his slashing claws and snapping teeth.

He didn’t struggle for long, about twenty seconds of wrestling on the ground and he calmed, letting me get off him and taking his place by my side as my faithful pet. I was proud for I felt I had a worthy and strong pet, and I had fought to prove my worth to him.

For now I shall call him Shade.

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