Monday, May 10, 2010


I walked through winterspring, shivering, the cold, icy wind whipping my hair into my face and the howling of the wind and the yetis nearly deafening me. I longed to be back in thunder bluff, or in eversong... even Un'goro would be a better place! But, alas, I was here.

Spotting a white blur ahead, I darted behind a rock, pulling an arrow from my quiver and drawing my bow. I heard a deafening roar and a yeti burst through the snow towards me, long fur matted with snow. I pulled my bow up and aimed, but the wind and the snow made it hard for me, and when I fired, the shot was blown sideways, and, instead of hitting the yeti in the chest, it hit him in the arm. Enraged, the yeti charged at me, knocking me back several feet and sending me sprawling in the snow. He ran at me again, roaring. I managed to to roll to the side just in time, but he slashed at me with his claws and managed to give give me a nice gash on my left arm. The yeti growled and attacked me again, knocking me back several more feet. As I landed my head hit a rock, and I began to lose consciousness. I could see the yeti about to charge again, but I was too weak to get out of the way. The last thing I remember seeing was the yeti turning, and a large, white shape charging at it.

I awoke a while later, covered in snow - yet I was warm... then I realized that it wasn't snow, it was a huge white bear. The snow had stopped, the yeti lay a few yards away, dead. The huge creature sitting on me stirred, and turned it's head toward me, snout slightly bloody. I got up, hastily bandaging my injured arm, and then turned to the bear. I bowed to it, and offered a bit of dried meat in thanks. The bear took it, and I could see it was female. She gnawed on the meat I had given her, then got up and walked over to me, standing by my side. I smiled, I had yet another pet.... I call her Inisha, as she seems to like the name.

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